Innovative consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with market-validated products can apply to SKU to supercharge their growth. We surround our stellar startups with an ecosystem of seasoned entrepreneurial mentors, customized educational content, advanced operations support, and privileged access to funding. We prepare and position our alumni companies to become breakout successes and household names.  

“SKU helped us define our story, while supplying a network of resources to help us achieve it in the shortest amount of time.”
— Steven Blustein, PrideBites



Our companies receive, customized guidance, support and access to an unparalleled education in CPG, deep networks and early stage funding.



SKU mentors are successful entrepreneurs, executives, and investors who enjoy coaching and advising the founders of high-growth, early-stage product businesses. 



SKU's intensive, ten-week programs are designed to accelerate and amplify the growth trajectories of promising startups. 

“SKU changed the way I looked at my company and created opportunities that supercharged our growth.”
— Adam Grossman, Seaweed Bath

Invested Educators


SKU mentors are a community of serial entrepreneurs, active investors, and industry experts who are an engaged community of great teachers and experienced advisors. They love to connect with participating startups to help them find the right resources and relationships. SKU mentors also have the opportunity to make early-stage investments in each participating company.  

“SKU showed me the advantages of thinking strategically about every phase of my business, instead of being reactive to every opportunity.”
— Brian Sanderson, Texas-Texas Salsa / Sanderson Foods
“The access to SKU mentors was amazing. They have incredible business insight and experience, and genuinely want to see your start-up succeed!”
— Cameron Crake, Raven + Lily
“SKU prepared us to face the challenges of the CPG industry and paired us with extremely knowledgeable and helpful mentors!”
— Erin Shotwell, Good Seed

Learn by doing.


In our experience, the best way to learn how to run a business is to actually run a business. SKU programs are focused on delivering applicable, actionable insights that will improve your product and your company today. Startup founders also have an opportunity to learn from our amazing SKU alumni network.   


“The network of experienced entrepreneurs and the amount of knowledge and resources that the Incubation Station exposed me to not only had a positive impact on my current business but, also, on my professional career as an entrepreneur moving forward for the rest of my life!!”
— Graham Wasilition, Truth Spirits
“Incubation Station was an MBA in raising capital. The experience led us to a whole new world of possibility.”
— Michael Portman, Verb Products

SKU Accelerator programs


At least once per year, SKU accepts applications from consumer product startups for a SKU accelerator program in Austin, Texas. Selected companies meet face-to-face with SKU mentors every Tuesday for ten weeks. Companies admitted into the program receive a stipend from SKU as well as access to additional funding sources. In exchange, SKU receives a small equity stake in each company. As startup advisors and patient investors, we are laser-focused on maximizing the odds of long-term success for each of our batch companies. 




Your consumer product has achieved some degree of traction or "product-market fit" in a local or regional market.

You recognize the need for savvy and connected partners to take your business to the next level.

You are interested in raising growth capital to scale your operation and to promote your brand.

You want to see your product in shopping carts and households across the country or globe. 



At the end of each program, SKU hosts a special Showcase event to introduce our batch companies to invited investors, partners, and media. SKU Showcase is like a demo day, only more delightful and delicious. 



Apply for Spring 2017! More SKU Events coming soon.

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